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Did you know that there is a MUCH easier way to learn the piano than the note reading method that is normally taught? Note reading is for classical music. Modern music (rock, pop, country, blues, jazz) is ALWAYS played using the chord method and the chord method is 100 times easier to learn than note reading — and a lot of fun! Take this ONE-TIME 3 hour seminar and we will get you playing your favorite songs right away with both hands. If you want to get really good at playing the piano you can sign up for our Chords are Key Online Piano Lessons to continue improving your skills.

Topics include:

  • How to form the 3 main types of chords
  • How to strum piano chords like a guitar player
  • How to create rhythm without “counting”
  • How to handle “key signatures” and “time signatures”
  • How to play right away with both hands
Enrollment includes online book and videos for follow-up at home.