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ACT Strategies

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Register for this series of prep classes that can help you improve your score on the ACT exam!

  • Learn from top instructors. Only top-rated instructors from local school districts teach the ACT Strategies course at UW-Rock County.
  • Take the class when you need it most. Take ACT Strategies just prior to taking the actual ACT exam so you are less likely to forget what you learned before you take the test.
  • Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. Begin the course by taking a carefully designed diagnostic test. Use the detailed score report to determine exactly what you need to focus on during the course.
  • Gain experience. Complete a practice essay. Take an ACT. Feel more confident and comfortable. Gain tips to assist in alleviating test anxiety.
  • Discover test-taking strategies. Learn a variety of test-taking strategies that can help you increase your speed and accuracy on the ACT.
  • Practice under test conditions. You'll spend about a third of the class working on carefully designed problems under test conditions and get immediate feedback on your performance.

Note: You must register to take the actual ACT test separately through ACT.