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Have you ever wondered, do angels really exist? Can they help me with my personal challenges in life? Who are they? How can I access their ancient wisdom? 

In Angels Among Us we will explore the Angelic realm and discover how these beings have modern-day relevance and how they can assist us in our desire to live more fully and experience the peace that comes with knowing we are not alone. 

Laurie D. Werner has been a life-long student of metaphysical topics. Her Christian upbringing provided her with a solid foundation rooted in the belief of a Creator. Her continuing search for a personal relationship with that Creator and her desire to assist people in their awakening and healing process, has taken her on a unique journey. 

Her experiences with traditional religion, with paranormal experiences, and meditation led her to formalized education in the healing arts of Reiki and massage therapy. Laurie is a Reiki Master, a Board-Certified Licensed massage therapist of ten years, and has attained her Masters Degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Laurie owns The Healing Space, LLC in Oostburg, WI. 

Her goal is to provide others with the information and tools needed so they can follow their own inner guidance to travel their own path and experience their own unique journey to inner peace and health.


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