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UW-MWC is celebrating Brain Awareness Week March 13 – 19 with two brain-boosting classes!

Brain Basics

Explore your body’s most complex organ: the brain.  The brain is an amazing organ that enables us to do so much – solve a problem, smell a flower, reminisce with friends, read this description and more!  Learn about the different parts of the brain and their functions.  Can a bump on the head cause a change in personality? Do we really only use 10% of our brain? Find out in this class, as we examine what’s really going on in your head.

The Aging Brain
Trouble remembering where you placed your car keys again? Is it just a fluke or is it a result of your aging brain?  Discuss the various changes that occur in our brain at different stages in life.  Find out whether crossword puzzles and other mental exercises can help prolong the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  Learn what steps you can take to help maintain a healthy brain at any age.

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