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Information Session! 

À la carte:  an English language phrase meaning "according to the menu."

It was adopted from French in the early 19th century and refers to "food that can be

ordered as separate items, rather than part of a set meal."

Join us for a free information session to learn about this wonderful NYC adventure!

Continuing Education is happy to present a 5-day adventure in NYC, and YOU get to choose what you’d like to include on the tour.

The concept was born last year with our trip to NYC and the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Our group was small but diverse. We had dyed-in-the-wool dog people, people who simply loved dogs (who doesn’t), and some folk who merely wanted to see Broadway shows. We were together about 50% of trip, but off on our own for the other 50%. Everyone LOVED the freedom, and C.E. LOVED the new model.  So much that we are offering a trip with a few set attractions for everyone, but also a menu of activities for people to choose à la carte.

Since we’re going again in February, probably the most appealing among the choices…is the 142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Other menu items include additional Broadway musicals, cabaret nightclub acts, tours of New York’s most famous museums, Central Park, and Greenwich Village. The entire group will be part of a half-day “Bridges of New York” tour, followed by lunch and a matinee of a Broadway show. Our hotel in Times Square will make it easy to walk to everything in Midtown, including Madison Square Garden for the evening dog show. Allow UW Colleges help you create an engaging tour of the Big Apple. Trip includes one tour, one Broadway show, three meals, land and air transportation, and five nights in Time Square.