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Inclusive Leadership Series

Driven by evidence-based leadership trainings across three certificates, the Inclusive Leadership Series is expertly designed to empower managers and those aspiring to serve in supervisory roles with the skills needed to communicate authentically, to think critically, and to inspire positive, productive change in the employees that they oversee in today’s global workplace.

In a multigenerational, culturally diverse workforce, issues in communication make strong leadership more valuable than ever, but how can you ensure that your team is in the right hands?

That’s where we come in. The Inclusive Leadership Series will help you:

  • Solve conflict creatively, constructively, and fairly
  • Understand how productivity is affected by unconscious bias and emotional intelligence
  • Harness the power of effective negotiation skills
  • Give and receive feedback constructively
  • Learn personal accountability
  • Transition from leading self to leading others
The Inclusive Leadership Series includes three certificate programs: 
  • Workplace Conflict Analysis and Mediation Certificate 
  • Expert Business Communication Certificate
  • Performance Coaching and Leading Teams Certificate 
Take a few classes or complete each certificate. Complete 3 certificates to earn the Inclusive Leadership Certificate. 
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We are honored to offer this collaborative program with UW-Parkside Continuing Education. Digital badges are awarded for each completed class and certificate. 

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