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Leadership today demands increasingly more sophisticated skills.  Executives today need to know traditional leadership principles and standard practices.  At the same time, our economy is moving swiftly out of the industrial age into the new economy of the Internet, knowledge and innovation.  So executive leaders today require a new perspective on the external environment, as well as new tools to lead one’s internal organizational structure and way of doing business.  
This unique certificate addresses both these sets of skills.  
Begin with information not available anywhere else about how the marketplace and business is changing.  Find out what you as an executive need to know about the external environment and how the workplace is changing rapidly internally. Take away a new perspective about how to position your organization for success, and what new leadership skills executives in the 21st century.
Then review cases of real leaders in business, education, and government who experienced initial success but ultimately failed because of their own actions. Find out the leading fatal leadership errors, and acquire practical recommendations to help you minimize these errors and help you perform your leadership role to an optimal level of efficiency.
Finally, you will get information about leadership styles, traits, and values. Find out how leaders behave and speak differently from others in the organization in order to be effective and supportive. Discover why empowering leaders are more successful than others.
After successfully completing the Executive Leadership Certificate, you will have new information about leadership today, a new perspective on the external environment and workplace, and an understanding of the leadership skills needed to position your organization, and your career as a leader, for success.

$495 for all 3 courses and the Certificate (or priced individually for each course)

Leadership Principles

Leadership in the 21st Century

How to Avoid Fatal Leadership Errors