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The 1-Month Memoir or Novel

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Not in a decade, or even a year, but a month. That’s how long it will take you to write your full-length book if you follow Reji Laberje’s program! This class will start with Idea and Detail, leaving you with a full outline and storyboard for your book. Bulk and Believe is next, where you expand and create relatability to each of your story’s components. Style and Sequence follows, when you will bring your unique voice to your story.  The subsequent step is Transition and Take-Apart, where you tie the whole story together and provide an appropriate edit. In the fifth week, when you Format and Finish, you will prepare your manuscript and learn some industry secrets of the publishing world. Each week, the class will provide lessons that should be applied to 7 daily writing applications of 15-30 minutes and 1 weekly lesson of 2-3 hours to work toward a finished manuscript. Even without a finished manuscript, you will leave with a full toolbox of writing lessons that can be applied across genres and formats.