Continuing Education

Career Preparation

Course Detail

Geared for professionals at every stage, this course provides resources and support to re-assess your career trajectory, develop the tools you need to launch yourself into a promotion, a new job or a whole new field. We will start with the basics – career assessments: who are you? what are you interested in? what are you good at? and where do you want to go? Then we will work on some research skills to find those opportunities or create them yourself. Lastly, each participant will craft the tools to take them to the next step – resumes, cover letters and other ways to reach out and cultivate your next career launch. Each participant will be able to customize their work to suit their unique direction and needs.

This Career Preparation class is designed for people who are wanting to clarify their career options within a specific field or explore possibilities for a career change. The goal of the class is to help participants learn more about careers that match their interests and become more confident about career planning and strategic career moves.

One month course