Continuing Education

Developing Hybrid Courses

Course Detail

The rapid growth of on-line and other digital tools to deliver course materials has opened the door to many possibilities for expanding regular face-to-face courses or developing new ones. This is a great opportunity to reach broader audiences and add rich resources and materials to the topics you want to teach.

Whether developing new or modifying an existing class, this four-week session will help you to take advantage of the best of both worlds. Use the strength of the face-to-face engagement and the power of the Internet to deliver great content, reach broader audiences and support different learning styles. The Hybrid or blended classroom encourages students to learn at their own pace while also building on the unique exchanges that can happen in both the face-to-face class and on-line.

$195 for the one month course (or $495 for all 3 courses and the Certificate in Blended Instruction)