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Developing Leader Certificate

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This course will be meeting ONLINE via Zoom. More information about this platform and tutorials can be found by clicking here!

The Developing Leader Certificate Program offers the foundation tools for employees shifting from a technical role to a supervisory role, for the new employee or those employees looking to gain leadership skills and is also perfect for the college student that is eager to learn the basic skills necessary to navigate and successfully transition into a role as a new leader.

This certificate program includes two courses; “From Employee to Supervisor: People Management” and “Introduction to Practical Leadership and Management”. Participants will learn to identify common challenges and proven solutions that will enhance their leadership role. In this interactive, hands-on program, participants will experience interactive conversations, strategies and tools to apply within their work environment.

Experience a supportive coaching environment that is safe to test strategies, thoughts and leadership scenarios. This certificate applies to any career field and will provide skills that are applicable at all career levels.

This is a hybrid certificate program. Courses will meet via zoom on dates indicated below; the rest of the coursework will be available 24/7 online. Courses can be taken independently or together for the Certificate.

2.0 CEUs awarded upon successful completion of the Certificate. A minimum of 2 hours of required work outside of class that needs to be completed.