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New! Introduction to Theatre Studies: the Actors Toolbox!

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This drama program is specifically built for those adults (age 17 and up) with autism and other developmental disabilities residing in Southeast Wisconsin interested in flexing their imaginations and stretching their interactive skills in a supportive and trusting environment. By engaging in this creative program, students will develop more flexible thinking while improving emotional recognition and containment. These improvisation exercises, built from personal circumstances, will allow students to devise and create their own unique workshop production. This program is created in conjunction with ACAP (Adaptive Community Approach Program) of Waukesha, WI. By playing theatre games and performing imaginative exercises, our student actors learn to trust others and gain self-confidence as they begin immersion in environments such as college or the workplace. These thespians will participate in lively activities within a supportive, structured environment that celebrates their unique talents, creativity and interests. The students will use and develop important recognition and evaluative tools common to everyday environments.