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Engineering & Leadership Exploration for High School Students

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High school students have an opportunity to see first-hand the numerous career opportunities that a degree in Engineering can offer! This is the perfect venue for high school students who want to become an engineer, but are not sure what exact field they would like to enter. This year, we have added a leadership building component to the camp! Students will learn about the fields of engineering from local engineers and engineering students, participate in engineering design projects, and visit local businesses to observe engineers at work. For one week, visit a different local company each day, tour their facility, and speak with their engineers to learn what their day entails and how they landed their job position. Explore civil, electrical, industrial/manufacturing, mechanical, material, and architectural engineering. Students may enroll for one EGR elective college credit or they may enroll for non-credit. 

Enrollment with one EGR elective credit $499

Without credit $299. 

Space is limited.

UWM Testing Requirements for activities 2 Days or More:

    • Participant is required to have one of the following:
      • Tested negative within three days of arrival (Friday for Monday camp start), or;
      • Tested negative upon arrival with the Abbott Binax NOW test, or;
      • Documentation of a positive PCR test within 90 days of the activity and past completion of the isolation period - or-
      • Have been fully vaccinated and do not have any symptoms of Covid-19.
    • Participation is not allowed for those currently in quarantine or isolation
    • Participant must report any positive COVID-19 test results received within three days after the final day of programming.

Please note:

Participants testing positive upon the arrival to campus with the Abbott Binax NOW test or displaying any Covid-19 symptom will not be eligible to participate in the activity and must return home with parent or guardian.