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NEW! Organizational Conversations "Why One-way Is Often the Wrong Way to Go"

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NEW! Organizational Conversations

We all know that effective communication is a two way street. One-sided conversations do not create a productive work environment. We will show you how your leadership can create an effective feedback loop, with personal interaction between leadership and employees operating in both directions. Creating channels that enable a positive communication between leadership and employees requires both sides of the conversation to participate. We will show you to utilize different types of media can be used to communicate; leadership will learn to encourage a back-and-forth communication, preventing a one-way street of knowledge. Organizational conversation requires both the communicator and the audience to think and understand differently about the media by creating an open dialogue.

You can learn to communicate effectively throughout the organization with a few simple steps that will encourage dialogue. Effective, communication is no easy task, but changing monologue discussion to open and encouraging conversations will allow interactivity to flourish.