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World Religions as Personality Types

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This course analyzes world religions according to personality type. The template for understanding is Carl Jung’s Psychological Types (1921).  Jung describes eight types of human behavior. You will use his framework to show that world religions behave in much the same way as people do. Christianity and Islam are extroverted in their behavior whereas Buddhism and Taoism are introverted paths to the divine. Each religion has a dominant personality trait as well as a dark side. Integration of the shadow brings balance to a religion. Repression of the shadow causes warped behavior. Dysfunctional religions do not contribute to world peace; only well-integrated ones do. Roman Catholicism, for example, exudes feelings of love and compassion, especially to society’s least fortunate. These extroverted feelings are balanced by a strain of introverted thinking:  Roman Catholicism’s shadow shows up in its concern for moral theology, especially hot-button social issues like abortion, contraception, and homosexuality. When world religions gain insight into their personality type and integrate their shadows, they work at optimal levels. This course explains the whole process.

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