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From the sun and stars to Rocket science, we have the adventures that will take this action-packed camp out of this world! Through hands-on experiments and activities, students will explore five areas of space: the sun and stars, Earth’s orbit and our moon, space travel and rocket science! Camp participants will soar with the stars and sun while calculating the traveling times to various planets in the solar system. They might be surprised when they figure out that it would take several years to reach some planets! A surprise guest speaker will be bringing an out-of-this-world activity and will be sharing personal astrophotography photos taken from his own observatory. The week is full of fun as participants learn about outrageous orbits, how the Earth’s orbit causes different seasons, and practice a space training agility simulation in our camp’s Junior Astronaut Training Center that we’ve prepared! The week will be capped off with our very own lift off when camp participants launch four rockets that they built themselves! From creating sun prints to space suit protection activities, participants will think this camp is out of this world!

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