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Ancient Cultures of the Southwest

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Led by Naturalist, Mark Miner

The Anasazi people were a prehistoric civilization who lived in and around the present day Arizona and Colorado. These Native Americans-also known as the “Ancients”- flourished for more than 700 years; they are the ancestors of the modern-day Hopi and Zuni people. Our UW Colleges Southeast Region Ancients Tour will begin with a visit to Albuquerque’s Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. The following day, we will have an opportunity to visit Acoma Pueblo, a living pueblo where descendants of the Ancient live to this day. The group will then learn about the Anasazi, the ancient ones, as we head to Mesa Verde to see the preserved stone shelters lofted in the canyons walls. Although we will not be cliff dwellers, like those 1400 years ago, we’ll stay right in the park at the Far View Lodge. After a two-day exploration of Mesa Verde, the group will visit Chaco Canyon, the ceremonial heart of this culture. A final stop at Bandelier National Monument, will give us one more experience with ancient dwellings and petroglyphs. In addition to the Far View Lodge, we’ll stay in iconic hotels: La Fonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe and Hotel Albuquerque in Old Town Albuquerque.


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