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NEW! The Playwright’s Roller-Coaster

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NEW! The Playwright’s Roller-Coaster  image

Theater is, for adults, what picture books are for children. The illustrations are the actors and actresses, filling in the visual pieces needed to tell the full story to the audience. Monologues, dialogues, and scenes each have their place on the ride, providing the hop onto the ride, the climb, the peak, the resolution, and the drift. Some plays have different twists, turns, and loops, but the fundamentals of getting buy-in from your audience, having a peak, and bringing your audience to a satisfying ending are all relevant. As a playwright, you get to become the architect of your own rollercoaster. THIS is the playwright’s rollercoaster experience. Three two-hour lessons teach you The One-Person Ride with Scriptable Moments and the creation of a Character Monologue, The Two-Person Ride with Dialogue Journal Captures and Script Formatting, before you create your Dialogue, and The Many-Person Ride with Thought-Action-Dialogue, Proper Usage of Dialect, and—finally—Scene Writing. Let’s ride!