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Virtual Reality: The Future is Now
 Embark on an epic adventure in virtual reality! In this cutting-edge camp, participants are engaged in the foundations of VR design by creating their own virtual worlds, exploring simulated environments, crafting 3D experiences, and learning basic programming concepts. At the end of the week, camp participants will take home their cardboard VR headset to show friends and family the new worlds they created. Students do not need a mobile device to take the class but will need access to a mobile device at home. VR projects can be shared with friends and family on a password protected website or mobile device.

 YouTube® FX Masters
Do you love movies with exciting special effects, like The Avengers, Star Wars, or Harry Potter? This camp will focus on the magic of Hollywood! Camp participants will be creating their own visual effects to enhance their own YouTube® videos or maybe to create a cool scene to amaze their friends and family! Participants will learn how to create the illusion of swinging a lightsaber or blasting fire from hands by learning to create magical visual effects. Through trial and error, campers will experiment with visual effects as they learn the dynamics of camera angles, editing, graphic layering and sound effects to take their channel to the next level. Student projects are available on a password protected website to share with friends and family.

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