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Promoting educational opportunities for healthy life choices (60+) in Marathon County.

Dr. Zorba Paster kicks off a new program in Wausau!

Join us on Monday, May 20th, for All Things Senior! A one-day educational workshop providing Seniors the ability to grow and connect to the many resources and opportunities in and around Marathon County. This community, collaborative opportunity is being held on the Wausau campus of the UW-Stevens Point, formerly the UWMC. Our day begins with humorist Wisconsin Public Radio personality, Zorba Paster. A senior himself – his enthusiasm and contagious laugh have made him a favorite with health conscious public radio listeners for over a decade. 

Choose from 3 different interactive workshop sessions!

 Throughout the day, Seniors will be exposed to a full day of learning activities promoting healthy aging. Sample activities include: Understanding vitamin and supplements, Adaptive gardening for Seniors, Don't just Retire - ReFire!, Chair Yoga, Tai Chi, Health Benefits of Social Connections, Healthy Eating on a Budget, Within Reach - Smart Technology Accessibility and much more! Participants will register for three classes, which also includes a boxed lunch. 

Betsy Abramson to wrap up the day!

At the end of the day, closing speaker, Betsy Abramson from the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging (WIHA), will deliver her message of the incredibly pervasive ageism in society, its impact on our health, and how important a positive image of Aging in Wisconsin is to overall better health for Seniors.


Due to our community partners and sponsors, we are able to offer this event at $25/person. For those in need, scholarship opportunities are available. Mark your calendars for Monday, May 20th, for All Things Senior at the UW-Stevens Point at Wausau Campus, formerly UWMC.


Join Dr. Brett Barker and Wausau Bird Club in celebrating World Migratory Bird Day with an early morning stroll to look for birds.  We will leisurely walk through Marathon Park looking and listening for birds.  Some species we hope to see are: hairy and downy woodpeckers, red and white breasted nuthatches, black capped chickadees and migrating warblers and videos.  Perhaps we can find a great horned owl.  Please come rain or shine and learn the joys of bird watching.  You will meet at 6:30 AM at Marathon Park, Little Red School House.  Please bring binoculars if you own them.  
Tony Omernik – This presentation focuses on the non-financial aspects of what is needed to have a highly successful, joyful and meaningful retirement in the context of today’s “new retirement”. Attendees will learn and explore some of the most current information related to maximizing the retirement experience. They will leave the program having identified their individual drivers” and with their own personalized Happy Retiree Non-Financial Plan to pursue their life purpose to the fullest. 
Kelly Atkins – Everyone misplaces their keys, so is it truly a sign of memory loss or just getting older. Learn the difference and tricks to enhance your memory too! Learn ways to increase the health of your body and brain through spiritual, physical, emotional and mental supports. Gain a better understanding of the ABC’s of Dementia. What is it? Why does it happen and to whom? Can it be prevented? A great pro-active opportunity ask question and learn about this disease that affects more people every day and how to manage it.
Penney Dupee, Coordinator for Advance Care Planning; We all hope to have along hope to live a long healthy life, there may come a time to make decisions to be made in the midst of medical crisis. Caring Conversations will assist the learner about thinking about health care values and goals, choosing some to be their health care decision maker and taking the necessary steps to complete the Power of Attorney for Health Care document, the legal document giving that person authority to make health care decision on the person’ behalf if they are unable to.
Stephanie Sue Stein. Advocacy in Wisconsin by older people has resulted in Senior Care Family, Care and Aging, and Disability Resource Centers. At a local level, advocacy by seniors has built senior centers, opened dining site and expanded transportation. Effective and viable advocates plan, persist and have patience. Learn the basics of Advocacy with and for your seniors. Leave with the skills you need to make life better for you, your family and your community!
Jake Shields, Medical College of Wisconsin Student - While many people schedule a yearly check up with a primary care physician, not everyone receives the unique type of care they need. Whether attributed to a lack of disclosing, difficulties in costs or confusing treatment plans, this session will discuss important topics to review with your physician at an appointment. We will discuss strategies patients can use to make sure they are getting the most out of their clinic visit and will provide information and resources available to them.

Darren Grayson Financial Advisor, Nicole Wealth Management, As a senior, finances play an especially large role in your well-being.  That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure you’re on a financial path that truly serves your interests.  This program is designed to provide participants with basic money management concepts, tips on helping funds last, avoiding scams & elder abuse, IRA distributions, and estate planning.

Julie Elder, Employment and Training Specialist at Marathon County Job Center – Are you a mature worker looking for full or part time employment? Learn the skills and techniques needed in today’s job market for an effective job search. The workshop will include busting the myths about older workers, resume writing, communicating your skills effectively, interviewing and learning about the free services available the Marathon County Job Center. 
Kari LaScala, Project Manager - Wisconsin Health Literacy. Join this important conversation on how to safely use and avoid misuse of prescription pain (opioids) medicine. Students will learn: the differences between prescription opioids and other pain medicines, safe storage of medicines, how to safely dispose of unused pain medicines, understand label direction and warning labels, and when to call a pharmacist or your provider.
Wendy Barth, UW-Stout Dietetics graduate. Come learn how to meal plan and dine healthy while on a budget! Students will learn how to purchase foods, prepare food and re-purpose foods all while making the most of your budget. Students will observe and participate in a recipe, which is budget friendly, simple and healthy.
Tony Omernik, Loneliness and social isolation are increasing despite the growth of social media in our society. This presentation will help participants better understand the issue of loneliness and social isolation, the risk factors and the many health benefits of social contentedness. They will also learn about many easy, positive steps they can take to ensure they are getting the health benefits of being socially connected. Community resources, recent research data and other helpful information will be provided. 

YMCA instructors: Lee Koch, Nancy Burkholder, Becky Zelent: Come as you are to experience Silver Sneakers Yoga, which incorporates a chair and gentle movements.  You will be introduced to functional strength and balance, as well as easy stretches you can do at home.  Then you will learn about Tai Chi and move through some of the basic forms.  We’ll finish the session with a relaxing 5-minute seated guided imagery meditation.  We hope you will join us for this engaging sample of Spirit, Mind, & Body! 

Heather Van Dalfsen, 5 Kosha’s – Whether you are new to meditation or want to refine your current meditation practice, learn and practice meditation techniques that you can integrate into your life at any time of the day or evening. Research continues to support the benefits of meditation, including reducing physical tension, managing stress and chronic pain, enhancing attention and cultivating a fresh perspective and inner peace. Gentle breath guided movements will prepare the body and mind to be able to sit in stillness. Self-reflection, short guided meditations and quiet meditation will be practiced. All abilities are welcome. 

Eric Riskus – Learn how to use Alexa and your other smart devices to improve accessibility in your home and elsewhere. With the creation of Alexa, Siri and OK Google, you have an incredible amount of tools within reach! What can these do to give you back control over your independence?  
Aspirus Pharmacy residents – Provide medication related information regarding over-the-counter vitamins and supplements to allow listeners to better understand what they do for you. 
Wausau School District: Assistive Technology Integrationists – Melissa Piette 
Brianna Wright, This interactive hands-on workshop will allow participants to experience gardening with a wide variety of adaptive gardening tools. Everything from unique gloves, to ergonomic tools, to knee pad varieties, and adapted watering wands will be available to work with. Participants will learn how to build tall raised-bed gardens on a budget. Participants will also be provided with resources on where and how to access these type of adaptive tools in central Wisconsin.