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ATTENTION all Harry Potter fans ENTERING grades 4-9, it’s time for you to get your Hogwarts letter! This summer, revisit J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series in a fun, interactive, hands-on adventure. Get sorted into your house by the Sorting Hat, earn points for your house to win the House Cup, play Quidditch, solve riddles, test your knowledge of the wizarding world with fast-paced Trivia contests, and even receive correspondence from your favorite Harry Potter characters via Owl Post. It’s all waiting for you here at Wizarding Academy!

This year, campers will be challenged to use their wits and knowledge of the  universe to “Escape from Azkaban.” You’ve been accused of a wizarding crime—how will you clear your name….or make a plan to escape from Dementor guards? Only the most devoted Wizarding fans will succeed!

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