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Supervisory Management Academy

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- A program to give current or potential supervisors the tools and knowledge to succeed in managing employees!

Day One: Introduction to Supervisory Management
Course Objective: This course will give
participants an understanding of what their role is
a supervisor and the key skills they must master to
be successful.
a. Your Key Role as Supervisory
b. Leadership Versus Management
c. Friend/Co-Worker now Manager
d. Key Duties as a Manager
i. Delegation
ii. Mentoring
iii. Coaching
iv. Motivating
e. Looking at your Strengths and Weakness
(MBTI Assessment)

Day Two: Culture and Emotional Intelligence Related to Supervisory Management
Course Objective: This course will give
participants knowledge and practical application
of organizational culture, and it’s role in effective
management as well as understanding of
Emotional Intelligent role in creating a positive
working environment.

a. Emotional Intelligence Definition
b. Leveraging E.Q. to motivate, contain conflict,
produce a positive culture
c. Assessing and defining your current corporate
d. Positive Psychology and its effect on the

Day Three: Communication Skills Needed to Succeed in Supervisory Management
Course Objective: This course will give participants practical knowledge of the skills needed to 
communicate as a manager, with emphasis on feedback, and conflict resolution.

a. Providing Positive and Negative Feedback on a Regular Basis
b.  Receiving feedback both positive and negative.
c.   Informing and Providing Information
d.   Productive Conflict Resolution

Day Four: Daily Practical Application of Supervisory Management based on the “One Minute Manager”
Course Objective: This quilt will provide participants on communication and skills needed on a 
daily basis to become a good manager.

a. Overview of the “One Minute Manager”
b. Case Studies and recommend Best Practices

Day Five: Human Resource Essentials
Course Objective:
This course will provide participants with the legal and ethical “dos and don’ts” involved in management, discrimination, hiring, and confidentiality related to management.
a. Staying Legal as Supervisory/Managers.
i. Discrimination Laws
ii. Hiring Laws
iii. Sexual and other workforce harassment
b. Confidentiality
c. Performance Review and Documentation

Day Six: Creating A Positive Work Environment
Course Objective: This course will give
participants the keys to make management easier
and more rewarding through motivation and
empowering employees.

a. The small things with Big Results
b. A deep dive into the “Great Place to Work”
Institute’s principles
c. Trust Index – Five Dysfunctions of a Team
d. GRADUATION from Program!!